After any clean, prices are held at that price for any new work for 2 years.

So, if you have a carpet cleaned this year, and a sofa cleaned the next year, then the sofa will be at 2018 prices not 2017. If you have a further carpet cleaned the following year, it will again, be at 2018 prices


Spills and accidents happen ,and nothing is more frustrating than when it happens on a freshly cleaned carpet.

We will come and attend to any spills etc. any time within 5 weeks for only a nominal £10 charge.


- Refer me to three friends and get a carpet cleaned for FREE.

- Refer me to your employer, school or nursery, and if the value of the referral is over £100, then get a carpet cleaned for FREE.


Price freeze for 3 years on annual cleans.



HALF PRICE stain protection on ALL carpets!

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Amazing after care