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Where is Abel Carpet Cleaning from?

Abel Carpet Cleaning relocated to York in 2010 after starting life in Ashbourne, Derbyshire in 2006.

What is Abel Carpet Cleaning?

It is an independent family business, owned and operated by Steve Fellows, with help from other family members.

Why should I choose Abel Carpet Cleaning?

Being fully trained to industry standards, and following industry best practice, Steve is passionate about doing the best job that he possibly can.

What makes Abel Carpet Cleaning so special?

Steve has cleaned carpets and upholstery at JCB World Headquarters prior to a visit from Prince Charles and  David Cameron.

What else has he done?

He has cleaned carpets and upholstery at the NHS Training Centre at Warwick University, many high class hotels and conference centres, and, of course, thousands of homes.

what else can I learn about Steve?

He has four children, and spends his free time cycling and playing golf.

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